My name is Michelle. I am a wife, a writer, an educator, an advocate, an activist and a whole bunch of other things...but most importantly, I am a
mom whose family is affected by autism.

Raising children and preparing them to grow up to lead productive, meaningful and fulfilling lives with the greatest degree of independence possible is both a challenge and an adventure. Most of the time my life can be described as running uphill on a treadmill at full speed while juggling and wearing roller skates.

Therapy, treatment, equipment and other interventions for children with autism cost thousands of dollars each year. Parents of children affected by autism have to become extremely resourceful in order to obtain the therapeutic services, supports, interventions and equipment their children need. My goal is to help families affected by autism to access the information, resources and assistance they need.

My mission is to help other parents and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), related disorders and other disabilities find grants, treatment funding, financial assistance and other resources to help their children thrive.

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