Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bridges for Autism Foundation Grants

Bridges for Autism Foundation, founded by Marcia and David Brown, awards grants to Illinois families with children on the autism spectrum. Grants from the foundation may be used to pay for therapeutic services and assistive technology. Grant amounts vary.

Bridges for Autism Foundation makes grant awards semiannually. During its last grant cycle, Bridges for Autism Foundation awarded $12,000 in grants to 10 families. The next round of grants will be awarded by September 30, 2008. The application deadline is August 15, 2008, so mark your calendars and be sure to get your grant applications in on time. Previous grant recipients are welcome to reapply. Grant applications are available on the foundation’s Web site.

In addition to awarding grants to families affected by autism, Bridges for Autism Foundation has designed a provider network which is the first of its kind in Illinois and perhaps in the U.S. The foundation invites therapy providers to join the network and posts their information on its Web site. Families can then search the Bridges for Autism Foundation Web site for available providers. Each provider in the network discounts its rates to Bridges for Autism Foundation grant recipients so their grant dollars can stretch farther.

Bridges for Autism Foundation has a goal of creating a resource center where parents can obtain therapy and participate in support groups, and both parents and professionals can participate in trainings and educational programs.

Bridges for Autism Foundation is growing rapidly and is currently seeking to hire a grant writer and a professional to solicit corporate sponsorships. The foundation is also in need of additional volunteers.

Bridges for Autism Foundation is a wonderful resource for Illinois families that are affected by autism. Click here to make a donation to help Bridges for Autism Foundation continue to support our community.

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