Saturday, November 29, 2008

Colorado Helps Families Affected By Autism through Home and Community Based Support Waivers

Colorado residents who are affected by autism can receive assistance through several Home and Community Based Support (HCBS) Waivers.

To qualify for waiver services, children and adults must meet financial, medical and program criteria. Applicant’s income must be less than $1,986.00 (300% of the Supplemental Security Income allowance) per month and must have countable resources of less than $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple. The applicant must also be at risk of placement in a nursing facility, hospital or intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR).

Individuals approved for waiver services are eligible for all basic Medicaid covered services except nursing facility and long-term hospital care. Waiver services are provided in home and community settings. Services must be provided by certified Medicaid providers or by a Medicaid contracting managed care organization.

Colorado residents with autism may qualify for one of the following HCBS waivers: the Children with Autism Waiver, the Children’s HCBS Waiver, the Children’s Extensive Support Waiver, the Children’s Habilitation Residential Program Waiver, the Supported Living Services Waiver or the Waiver for Persons Developmentally Disabled.

Following is a brief description of each of the aforementioned waiver programs.

Children with Autism Waiver-provides children with autism under age six with case management and behavioral therapies.

Children’s HCBS Waiver-provides disabled children through age 17 with case management and in home support services (IHSS).

Children’s Extensive Support Waiver-provides children with developmentally delays through age 17 with specialized medical equipment and services, community connection services, home modifications, personal assistance and professional services.

Children’s Habilitation Residential Program Waiver-provides developmentally disabled children and youth in foster care who have extraordinary needs with cognitive services, communication services, community connection services, counseling and therapeutic services, emergency assistance training, independent living training, personal care services, self-advocacy training, supervision services and travel services.

Supported Living Services Waiver-provides developmentally disabled adults with specialized medical equipment and supplies, counseling and therapeutic services, dental services, day habilitation services, hearing services, home modifications, personal assistant services, supported living consultation, transportation, vision services and employment services.

Waiver for Persons Developmentally Disabled-provides developmentally disabled adults living outside of their family home with day habilitation, residential habilitation, transportation, specialized medical equipment and supplies, supported employment, skilled nursing, behavioral services, dental services and vision services.

For more information, call Michelle Cason at (303) 866-3895.

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