Saturday, August 9, 2008

Achievable Helps Families Affected by Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Achievable offers a variety of programs to support the health, well-being, mobility and communication needs of low income people who have autism and developmental disabilities that live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Achievable helps people with developmental disabilities gain mobility by providing vans, van adaptations, specialized wheelchairs and wheelchair adaptations.
Achievable helps people with developmental disabilities enhance their ability to communicate by providing adaptive equipment such as specialized computers and software, hearing aids and sensory integration tools.

Achievable helps people with developmental disabilities obtain modifications and supports to help them move more freely and independently within their homes such as ramps, enlarged entry ways, accessible bathrooms, ceiling lifts, stair lifts, specialized beds, special strollers and specialized wheelchair equipment.

Achievable also provides life necessities and emergency assistance of all types—including food, furniture, supplies, clothing, emergency medical attention and help with burial expenses—to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

To find out more about its programs, call (310) 258-4256 or send an email to Click on the link to make a donation to Achievable.

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