Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CafeMom is a Great Resource for Moms of Children Who Have Autism and Other Special Needs

Meet other moms with similar challenges and interests. Check out CafeMom today! CafeMom is a wonderful resource for moms of children who have autism and other disabilities. CafeMom is a community that offers moms of children with and without special needs an opportunity to meet, connect and share with other moms who have similar experiences and challenges. I am especially impressed by CafeMom's many vibrant, active and supportive groups for moms of children who have autism, as well as other disabilities and special needs.

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Anonymous said...

I love cafemom! My profile is leeleesboys if you want to check me out there. I try to join many of the excellent groups. I must say there is such support there. It is wonderful. I havent found any judgement or harassment of any kind. Just moms helping moms. Wonderful. Great post! If those havent done so yet get over and join that cafemom :)

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