Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Toolkit Provides Resources to Prepare Young Adults with Autism and LD for Independence

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Authored by Dr. Michael P. McManmon, with contributions from an impressive team of educators, advocates, coaches and consultants who, collectively, have extensive personal and professional experience with people on the autism spectrum, the Autism and Learning Differences Toolkit is designed to teach essential life, school, work and independent skills to individuals living with autism and learning differences.

The toolkit focuses adolescents and young adults, ages 16 -26, who are transitioning to greater independence. It is intended to help them acquire and master the skills necessary to succeed in higher education, careers, relationships and community integration, and it includes sections on peer-mentoring, safety and inclusion.

Although the toolkit is designed as a complete curriculum for educators, clinicians and other professionals who work with young adults with ASD or learning differences, it easily lends itself to use by parents and individuals with ASD or LSD who desire to engage in self-study. The toolkit’s contents consists of materials, handouts, activities, strategies, practical examples and opportunities for active/participatory learning. A free sample of the toolkit is available for downloading.

Expert contributors who collaborated on the project include Dr. Brenda Smith Myles, Dr. Stephen M. Shore, Jennifer Cook O’Toole, Michael John Carley, Barbara Bissonnette, Dr. Valerie Paradiz, Dr. Liane Holliday Willey, Debra Muzikar, Joanne Lara, Jill Hudson, J. Richardson Collins, Dan McManmon, Francine Britton and Sharona Sommer.

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