Monday, February 19, 2018

Variety—the Children’s Charity Provides Resources and Grants for Children with Special Needs

Variety—the Children’s Charity serves children who are affected by illness, disability or disadvantage through its three core programs--the Care Program, the Freedom Program and the Future Program—as well as through grants. Variety provides assistance directly to individual children and through organizations that serve children.

The Care Program delivers critical life-saving medical equipment and services, in addition to healthcare and well-being services. Children with autism may benefit from a number of resources available through the program, such as vision care, dental care, sensory equipment and respite care.

Variety’s Freedom Program makes life-changing equipment and services that promote mobility, independence and social inclusion available to children with special needs. Some of the resources children with autism could benefit from through the program include adaptive bicycles, assistance animals and specialized seating.

The Future Program at Variety provides crucial life-enriching communication equipment and access to opportunities to participate in educational and self-esteem building activities to children with special needs. Children with autism may be able to obtain communication devices or participate in camps, special recreation activities and cultural events through the program.

Variety also has a grant program to cover items and services that children with autism and other special needs may benefit from. To apply for a grant or assistance through one of Variety’s core programs, contact your local chapter or send an e-mail to the national office.

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